Project Summary

Darn Good Yarn is an e-commerce company located in Upstate New York, with a mission to empower their artisans located around the world, including India and Nepal. In particular, the company aims to empower women who face discrimination in their communities by enabling them to make a living and provide a safe environment for themselves and their families.

Through a connection at Ithaca College, I worked alongside a developer at Darn Good Yard to build the global impact page. Initially, I was given a photoshop file showing how they would like the website to appear. The website uses Shopify, and Liquid, an open-source template language created by Shopify. I built the page completely from scratch using HTML and CSS. I implemented flexbox to create an interesting and complex layout, replicating the Photoshop file almost perfectly. I met with a developer at Darn Good Yarn on a regular basis; he provided feedback on the page, coding support, and walked me through using the command line to upload changes to the website. We added Liquid code to dynamically pull content onto the page once it was complete. Liquid also enables a user interface in Shopify, allowing others to change pictures and text in the future without altering the code.