Project Summary

This project involved working on a team with my advisor Roy Westwater, and fellow Ithaca College student, Stetson Doggett, owner and operator of Originally, this business existed only on YouTube, attracting people looking for useful and practical advice to help them sift through countless options to find a phone plan that works best for their needs. Before this project, the website offered a clean and modern design, but was very hard to maintain, and lacked the robust content and design that would make it the ultimate companion to the YouTube channel.

YouTube is still a critical component of this online business, helping to drive traffic in order to generate revenue through affiliate links and ads. The goal of this project was to rebuild the website, making it more informative and easier to update. The first phase involved choosing a new CMS. We decided to use Webflow (which is the same CMS used for, because of the incredibly robust and intuitive editing system, and the powerful and user-friendly CMS system. I did a large portion of the development work for the site, utilizing flexbox to build the website right in Webflow. Since there are so many different phone plans and other information, we made good use of the CMS system, entering phone plan information that would then be populated dynamically in the HTML page.

Today, the website receives several thousand visitors per month, and Stetson continues to run and constantly improve the site.